2016 Gas Statement of Opportunities

The 2016 Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO) reports on the adequacy of eastern and south-eastern Australian gas markets to supply maximum demand and annual consumption, as in the 2015 National Gas Forecasting Report (NGFR).

The 2016 GSOO projects that:

  • Proved and probable developed gas reserves (considered the best estimate of commercially recoverable reserves) start to deplete from 2019.
  • To maintain gas supply adequacy between 2019 and 2035, development will be required to ensure contingent and prospective resources and undeveloped reserves become commercially recoverable.
  • Shortfalls totalling 50 petajoules (PJ) across the period 2029 to 2035 are forecast in Queensland, as a result of pipeline and processing facility constraints.

2016 Gas Statement of Opportunities
2016 GSOO methodology document
2016 GSOO inputs and stakeholder information
2016 GSOO supply-demand modelling output files