DER Operations

The Operations workstream addresses the operational impacts of increasing levels of DER penetrating the electricity grid.

Its objectives are to ensure the operational systems are in place to maintain energy system security with regards to: 

  • modelling DER behaviour during power system disturbances, 
  • Emergency Frequency Control Schemes (EFCS) and the impacts of DER, and 
  • developing models and tools to predict and manage DER performance and impacts on the future power system, including system restart.

The Operations team develop and provide input into a number of reports produced by AEMO including:

Work is also conducted in collaboration with transmission and distribution network service providers, state governments, DER product manufacturers and regulators, this work will benefit Australian energy consumers as they continue to access a safe, secure and reliable energy supply, generated increasingly by Distributed Energy Resources. Some key collaborative projects include:

A collaboration between UNSW and AEMO, funded by ARENA to conduct inverter bench testing. 

Some key collaborations partners include:

  • Australian Energy Regulator,
  • Australian Energy Market Commission,
  • Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)
  • University of New South Wales,
  • ElectraNet and TasNetworks,
  • Solar Analytics and Wattwatchers,
  • South Australian Power Network (SAPN), and
  • Office of Technical Regulator in South Australia.

Power system operating incident reports

Key to understanding DER behaviour is analysing their response to incidents. The following incident reports include information regarding how DER behaved during specific events:

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