Causer Pays Procedure Consultation workshops

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The Causer Pays Workshops are being held following the formal consultation AEMO facilitated on amendments to the Procedure for Determining Contribution Factors (Causer Pays Procedure).

In late 2016, AEMO began conducting an informal consultation process, including large meetings, one-on-one meetings and email updates.

Link to: An overview of the Causer Pays Procedure Consultation  on AEMO’s website.

Terms of Reference

The sessions are adhoc, information sessions, open to all appropriate stakeholders. No formal Terms of Reference (ToR) have been set for the sessions.

Meeting Participation

The Causer Pays workshops are open to all interested parties with technical expertise in this area. AEMO reserves the right to approve, reject, add or remove members at its discretion.

The sessions will initially run until mid 2017, at which time AEMO will review the value of continuing the sessions, taking into account its Scope and Objectives.

To register your interest, or for more information, please contact:

Please contact with any enquiries.

Workshop & Meeting Information

March 2017 Workshop Slides from March 2017 Workshop
Notes from March 2017 Workshop
April 2017 Workshop Slides from April 2017 Workshop
Notes from April 2017 Workshop
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