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The Planning Reference Group (PRG) is a monthly forum with AEMO and industry’s planning specialists. The forum seeks to facilitate constructive discussion on matters relating to gas and electricity market modelling and strategic network planning. It is an opportunity to share expertise and explore new approaches to addressing the challenges of planning in a rapidly changing energy industry.

In April 2016, AEMO convened the first National Transmission Network Development Plan (NTNDP) Technical Working Group to facilitate discussion on market modelling and strategic network planning as part of a consultation requirement.

In order to ensure collaboration between the supply- and demand-side, AEMO combined the FRG with equivalent Planning stakeholder activities to form the Forecasting and Planning Reference Group (FPRG). AEMO trialed the FPRG for seven months before deciding to separate the Forecasting and Planning Reference Group into two separate groups, with each running a meeting either monthly or on an as-needs basis. The reasoning was to cater to the large volume of participants with an interest in each group, and an effort by AEMO to drive efficiencies in each area.

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The PRG is an open forum for all interested industry and government stakeholders who may attend and participate.

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