Virtual Power Plant Demonstrations

MarketDER Meetings

This working group relates to the VPP Demonstrations program of work.  

AEMO are committed to knowledge sharing to distribute key learnings from the VPP Demonstrations. The VPP Demonstrations Current/Prospective Participant Working Group has been established to support knowledge sharing specifically with those who are currently participating or planning to participate in the VPP demonstrations. 

The focus of the working group includes: 

  • Sharing knowledge and learnings from existing VPP Demonstrations 
  • Development of FAQs to support participation in VPP Demonstrations 
  • Opportunity to raise questions and obtain responses 

To this end, the working group is limited to only current and prospective participants and working group attendance consists of only one (1) business lead and one (1) technical lead from each participant to maintain relevance of the working group.

Meeting dates

Meeting dates can be found on the industry meetings calendar.

For further information about the VPP Demonstrations, or to get involved in these working groups, contact

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