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Wholesale Demand Response Consultative Group

Wholesale Demand Response Consultative Group (WDR CG) meetings are held monthly to:

  • Enable effective consultation between AEMO and stakeholders on matters relating to the WDRM’s implementation, 
  • Provide stakeholders and AEMO with the opportunity to raise and address issues relating to document changes and development required as a result of the WDR mechanism (WDRM) rule, and, 
  • Provide stakeholders with an opportunity to share information and insights that will contribute to achieving WDRM objectives.

Specific technical working groups may be formed as required to contribute to the areas above. For example, to contribute to the development of the WDR guidelines required by the WDRM rule. Meeting information for technical working groups will be updated on this page as meetings occur.

WDR CG participation

WDR CG meetings are open to all interested parties with suitable experience and expertise. For example, project leads or regulatory managers who have a detailed understanding of their own program’s WDR timelines, deliverables and business impacts. Please note that, in accordance with the Terms of Reference, consultative group members are expected to:

  • Be prepared to participate in discussion 
  • Have authority to consider consultative group matters on behalf of their business
  • Have a thorough understanding of the NEM and the WDRM program 
  • Provide information on consultative group outcomes back into their business.

To nominate for, or request more information, on the WDR CG, please email: WDR@aemo.com.au

Meeting information

WDR Consultative Group information is available below. Note that meeting notes will be uploaded to this page once they have been endorsed by the WDR CG at the following meeting.

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