LoadWatch - Summer 09

The IMO has an obligation to secure through the Reserve Capacity Mechanism (RCM) sufficient capacity (generation and Demand Side Management) to meet the maximum load demands of the Western Australian Wholesale Electricity Market.

LoadWatch: Summer 09: provides a weekly snapshot of the level of available capacity and electrical load last week.  It also provides forecast temperatures and load for next week and a LookBack to Summer 08.

Latest LoadWatch: Summer 09

From To Report
23-Mar-09 27-Mar-09
30 March 2009 [64kB]

Previous LoadWatch: Summer 09

From To Report
16-Mar-09 20-Mar-09
23 March 2009 [65kB]
09-Mar-09 13-Mar-09
16 March 2009  [64kB]
02-Mar-09 06-Mar-09
09 March 2009 [64kB]
23-Feb-09 27-Feb-09
02 March 2009 [64kB]
16-Feb-09 20-Feb-09
09-Feb-09 06-Feb-09
16 February 2009  [175kB]
02-Feb-09 06-Feb-09
26-Jan-09 30-Jan-09
19-Jan-09 23-Jan-09
12-Jan-09 16-Jan-09
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