Participant retention of information

AEMO develops and publishes a list of all the information and documents that Rule Participants must retain under the WEM Rules.

Rule Participants must retain any information or documents on the list for a period of at least seven years from the date these are created.

In general, information supplied to or by a Rule Participant (including AEMO, the IMO, System Management, Metering Data Agent, and Network Operators) must be retained by the Rule Participants. The documents retained may be copies of original documents.

Information must be retained only where:

  • The information is required to be provided, under the WEM Rules or under a Market Procedure, to AEMO, the IMO, System Management, the Economic Regulation Authority, the Energy Review Board, the Market Advisory Committee, or other Rule Participants.
  • It is submitted to another Rule Participant, including to AEMO and System Management, other than via the Wholesale Electricity Market System (WEMS) or System Management Market Information Technology System (SMMITS) interfaces.
  • It is supporting evidence for any information submitted regardless of medium.

The list as at 16 January 2007 is available for download below.

This document is published in accordance with clause 10.5.1 (a) i of the WEM Rules.

List of Information and Documents that Rule Participants must retain [60kB]

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