System Restart

System Restart Standard

AEMO must determine the System Restart Standard (Standard) in accordance with clause 3.7.2 of the WEM Rules. The purpose of the Standard is to provide guidance and set a benchmark to assist AEMO in procuring sufficient System Restart Services (SRS).

Standard Form Contract

AEMO must develop, maintain and publish a standard form contract for the provision of a System Restart Service in accordance with clause 3.7.30 of the WEM Rules.

System Restart Service Procurement

The most recent SRS closed tender process is outlined below.

Process Stage


Opening date for submissions

31 August 2020

Closing date for submissions

30 September 2020

Initial closing date for AEMO review of submissions received

23 October 2020

Extended closing date for AEMO review of submissions received

25 June 2021

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