Generator Monitoring Plans

AEMO is required to approve Generator Monitoring Plans (GMP), as required by clause 1.41 and chapter 3A of the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM Rules).

Existing Transmission Connected Generating System 

Clause 1.41.2 of the WEM Rules requires that a Market Participant with an Existing Transmission Connected Generating System (ETCGS) submit a proposed GMP by the existing agreed date of 1 August 2021 (six months after commencement of Tranche 1), unless an extension is requested.

AEMO will work with each Market Participant regarding the agreed date. However, if you have any questions, please contact System Management Operations.

The proposed GMP must:

Many aspects of the GMP may require Generator Performance Standards (GPS) to be approved by Western Power. A guide to the parts of the form that AEMO considers can be completed now is located here.

Please note that if a Facility has multiple generating units, the definition of ‘generating system’ that you will use to complete the GMP form will need to be aligned with that used by AEMO and Western Power. Therefore, please complete the ‘Introduction’ section of this form as soon as possible, and discuss this with AEMO before proceeding to complete the other sections. AEMO will contact Participants that it considers have a Facility that falls into this category. However, these Participants are encouraged to contact AEMO in respect to this criteria at

New generating systems 

For any queries relating to GMPs for new generating systems, please contact

Generator Performance Standards

Western Power are responsible for processing GPS for a Transmission Connected Generating System. For further information and contact points on GPS submission and negotiation, please go to Manuals, guides & standards - Western Power and scroll down to the GPS section.

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