Authorised Maximum Daily Quantity

Authorised Maximum Daily Quantity (Authorised MDQ) and Authorised Maximum Daily Quantity Credit Certificate (AMDQ CC) are transportation rights in the Victorian Declared Transmission System (DTS). These are collectively known as AMDQ. Authorised MDQ is a withdrawal right for customers and/or Market Participants on the DTS for transported gas injected at Longford. Subsequent capacity increases to the DTS such as South West Pipeline, the Western Transmission System and the Bass Gas project have been allocated as AMDQ CC.

AMDQ is an input to determining congestion uplift charges payable by a Market Participant for each scheduling interval of a gas day as part of the funding of ancillary payments. AMDQ is also an input to tie breaking rights when scheduling equal priced injections or withdrawals bids, and in determining the order of curtailment in the event of an emergency.

Authorised MDQ may be transferred between customer sites, and AMDQ CC may be transferred between market participants.


AMDQ related forms

To request for AMDQ information:
To request Authorised MDQ Transfer Request Form:
To request AMDQ Credit Certificate nominations or renomination:

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