While the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) is a public website, anyone who is a pipeline operator, production facility operator, storage provider, BB allocation agent or a BB shipper must register as a GBB Participant.

Other parties who are transportation facility users or capacity transaction reporting agents are eligible to register for the GBB, but are not required to do so unless they also fall within one of the mandatory registration categories.

Facilities operated by participants must also be registered; while some participants may be exempted from providing data, there are no exemptions from registering facilities.

Part 18 of the National Gas Rules (NGR) contains the registration requirements and eligibility criteria for the GBB. New applicants must familiarise themselves with these rules before registering. The information on AEMO’s website is for guidance purposes only and is no substitute for reading and understanding the NGR or the GBB Procedures.

In this section

This section of the website contains the registration requirements and process for registering as a participant in the GBB, and for registering a facility. It also includes information on data provision exemptions, updating facility details, deregistration and transferring a facility’s registration.

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