The gateway model

How will the CDR work in the energy sector?

A Gateway model will be implemented in the energy sector.  Under this model, AEMO will act as a conduit between businesses that hold consumer data, such as energy retailers, and businesses which can use that data to provide services, such as a price comparison, to consumers. 

Accredited third parties will submit requests for data to the AEMO gateway using standard APIs.  AEMO will obtain and collate the requested data and release the data to the accredited third party providing the customer has been authenticated and authorised the data to be released according the CDR rules. 

As the market operator, AEMO already holds some of the types of data that will be available under the CDR.  This includes metering data, which provides information about a consumer’s energy usage, and NMI standing data which includes other types of information such as the meter type and location.  

The AEMO gateway will provide a high level of user functionality and is a cost-effective and secure mechanism for providing accredited third parties with consumer data where a consumer has provided consent.     

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