5MS and GS industry readiness information

This page explains where to find detailed information on implementing 5MS and GS. 

The 5MS and GS Market Readiness Strategy is the overarching plan to guide AEMO and NEM participants’ readiness activities. It covers both AEMO’s and NEM participants’ operational preparedness for 5MS and GS and sets out the approach for:

  • Managing,
  • Coordinating,
  • Informing,
  • Monitoring, and
  • Reporting.

The Market Readiness Strategy is supported by a series of documents. These strategies and plans each cover a specific area of readiness and provide more detail on coordinated 5MS and GS implementation by the industry.  The diagram shows the relationships between the documents and the table describes the purpose of each document. 

Detailed timing for the development of the transition, cutover and contingency plans will be included on this page as developed by the RWG and Focus Groups.

5MS and GS market readiness strategies and plans




Current document


Market readiness strategy Overarching plan to guide AEMO and NEM participants’ 5MS and GS readiness activities FINAL Market readiness strategy Final published 30 Oct 2019
Industry test and market trial strategy Sets out the high level approach and principles associated with the IT system testing activities that will support 5MS and GS implementation FINAL industry test and market trial strategy Final published 30 September 2020
Transition and go-live strategy Sets out the high level approach and principles associated with transition and go-live activities, including industry co-ordination FINAL Transition and go-live strategy November 2019: First published.
December 2019: Version 1.1 published. Two date errors in row 4 of Table 2 (p16) corrected, changed from 2020 to 2021
Industry Contingency Plan In relation to 5MS and GS: 
  • Provides coordinated guidance for AEMO and NEM participants on contingency responses should a risk eventuate
  • Is the basis for participants to develop and maintain their own contingency plans

FINAL Industry Readiness Contingency Plan (document)

FINAL Industry Contingency Plan (spreadsheet)

Final published 5 June 2020
Metering Transition Plan
  • Outlines the expected responsibilities, activities, dependencies and timeframes for completion for elements of the metering transition to 5MS and GS
  • Forms the framework for the metering component of industry readiness reporting

FINAL Metering Transition Plan (document)

Metering Transition Plan v1.6 (spreadsheet)



Cross Boundary Supply Guideline

  • Final published 7 Feb 2020 Metering Transition Plan version 1.6 published 23 December 2020
  • Cross Boundary Supply Guideline Draft for comment published 7 January 2021     
Industry readiness reporting plan Sets out the industry readiness reporting requirements for the 5MS & GS program
FINAL Industry readiness reporting plan  Final published 13 Dec 2019
MSP accreditation update plan

Sets out process and timing for:

  • Metering service providers to assess the need for an accreditation update
  • Metering service providers to apply for an accreditation update where necessary
  • AEMO to process accreditation update applications
FINAL MSP accreditation update plan Final published 21 Feb 2020
CNDS and Meter
  • Data Delivery Clarifications for 5MS and GS
  • Document clarifies maintenance aspects of the CATS NMI Datastream (CNDS) table and the associated relationships to meter data delivery to AEMO, leading up to 5MS and GS commencements.
CNDS and Meter Published 5 August 2020 
Bidding Transition Plan
  • Provides coordinated guidance to the industry on the transition to 5-minute bidding.
  • Outlines the expected responsibilities, activities, dependencies and timeframes for completion for elements of the bidding transition.
Final Bidding Transition Plan v1.0 - 28 August 2020 (Document)

5MS Bidding Transition Plan v1.0 (Spreadsheet)

5MS Bidding Transition Plan FAQ’s

Final published 27 August 2020 
Retail Platform Industry Go-live Plan The Retail platform industry go-live plan provides information on the retail platform cutover approach, including the cutover schedule and communications plan.

Retail Platform Industry Go-live Plan

Final published 11 December 2020
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