5MS Staging Environment

The 5MS systems being developed by AEMO for operating the NEM will be released into the 5MS Staging Environment from 1 November 2019 through to 31 August 2020 with refreshed MSATS data as at 30 July in this environment. 

The purpose of the 5MS Staging Environment is to allow Participants the ability to test their interactions with market systems that have 5-Min adjusted data.

The 5MS Staging Environment will remain available to participants until the commencement of the 5MS rule on 1 October 2021.

However, it is not a Market Trial environment. Market Trials will take place in accordance with the timetable agreed in the Industry Testing and Market Trial Strategy.


The 5MS Staging Environment provides access to some early versions of 5MS & GS capabilities to assist participants with their readiness planning and development.  

There are a few key limitations: 

  • Staging is not an environment for running market trials and does not provide integrated functions. It is also not a place to deploy functions that aren’t directly related to 5MS or GS.
  • While performance is not guaranteed, support is available for participants to assist them in accessing the 5MS Staging Environment.
  • There will be release notes accompanying each software deployment into Staging, guiding participants on the capabilities, limitations and known issues. 
  • There are no Service Level Agreements for updating software in staging, however issues can be raised (via Support Hub online) and will be triaged by the 5MS Program.
  • There is no integration between Reallocations and Settlements in the Staging environment.
  • There is no integration between Dispatch and Settlements in the Staging environment.
  • The proposed cutover for Settlements from 30 minute to 5-minute in Staging was performed for week1-2020 and 5-minute only week2-2020. 
  • Input data, such as SCADA, demand forecasts, is likely to be static.

Access to the 5MS Staging Environment 

The 5MS Staging Environment can be accessed through the following URLs with the same login details that participants were using for AEMO Pre-Production (Pre-Prod) as at 1 October 2019. The naming conventions are consistent with the pre-Prod and Production environments. 

Once registered APIs can be accessed in the 5MS Staging Environment through the following urls:

Further API details, swagger files and postman collections are available through AEMOs API Portal https://dev.dev.aemo.com.au/

FTP can be accessed in the 5MS Staging Environment using the following addresses:


Staging Environment releases

The following table shows the planned releases into 5MS Staging. Additional functions are expected to be released by AEMO into the Staging Environment, and some capabilities may be delivered earlier than expected.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between 5MS Staging and AEMO’s Pre-Prod and Production environments?
    • 5MS Staging is a dedicated environment for supporting participants in preparing for the 5 minute settlement and global settlements rule changes. It will contain early versions of various features that are being developed by AEMO for 5 minute settlement and global settlement. 
    • This environment has not been built to replicate or replace Pre-Prod. It is a dedicated 5MS environment to support participants in the early stages of development.
    • Once AEMO’s 5MS system changes are ready to go live, the usual AEMO process will be followed for releasing changes to the NEM systems – i.e. first into AEMO’s Pre-Prod environment for participants to access and test their connectivity and integration during a set period, and then into the production environment.
  • Which URLs should our organisation whitelist so that they aren't blocked by our corporate firewall?
    • https://*.5msstaging.aemo.com.au
    • https://*.5msstaging.marketnet.net.au
    • https://dev.preprod.aemo.com.au
  • Are there any changes that need to be made to allow users to use the new screens?

    In MSATS, users will need to review the settings (update/create/read/delete) for the new reallocations entity, in addition to updating user access rights to include the reallocations entity - 

    • Entity NAME:  Reallocations 
    • Description:  EMMS – Settlements – Reallocations
  • What user name, password and certificates do I use for web portal and APIs?

    Participants can log into the web portals and access APIs using the same user name and password (as at 1 October 2019) that’s been set up by your MSATS Participant Administrator for accessing AEMO Pre-Prod.  After logging into 5MS Staging for the first time, you can independently add/change your access details for 5MS Staging.  

    The 5MS Staging environment will also prompt you to change your password every three months. If you don’t currently have access to AEMO’s Pre-Production environment or don’t know your password, please contact your organisation’s MSATS Participant Administrator.

    For details of the API certificate details for your organisation, please contact the AEMO support hub:

  • What user name and password do I use for 5MS FTP access?

    One FTP account can be assigned per participant ID. To set up your 5MS FTP access, please contact the AEMO Support Hub to set up (or change) your user name and password:

  • How do I receive support when using the 5MS Staging Environment?

    Please speak with your MSATS Participant Administrator. For MSATS administrators, if further assistance is required, please contact the AEMO Support Hub:

  • What response time can I expect when I’ve logged a request via Support Hub?

    While there are no Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the 5MS Staging Environment, we will make best efforts to respond as soon as possible.


  • How will participants be notified that new capabilities are available (or software is being updated) in the 5MS Staging Environment?

    Anyone who has registered to receive updates from the 5MS Program will be sent an email notification when there is a new or updated release. To join the 5MS information list, please send an email to 5ms@aemo.com.au.

  • How are participants notified if there will be outages (planned or unplanned)?

    Anyone who has registered to receive updates from the 5MS Program will be sent an email notification when there a planned outage or an extended unplanned outage. To join the 5MS information list, please send an email to 5ms@aemo.com.au.

  • What should I do if I find an issue in the environment?

    Please log the issue via AEMO Support Hub online via https://www.aemo.com.au/Contact-us, providing as much detail as possible. Issues will be evaluated and prioritised by the 5MS team. Since this is a test environment, there are no SLAs for AEMO to remediate.

  • Will these features also be available in AEMO’s Pre-Prod or production environments for the NEM?

    The software features in the 5MS Staging Environment will not be released into Pre-Prod or production on these dates. The release schedule described on this webpage is only for the 5MS Staging Environment.

  • What age is the data in the 5MS Staging Environment?

    Data in the environment (e.g. MSATS) will be from the start of October 2019. It may be refreshed on a regular basis, in consultation with market participants. Up-to-date Production data will not be available, as the 5MS Staging Environment is not intended to be used for testing end-to-end processes.

  • What performance can be expected from the 5MS Staging Environment?

    The software being deployed to this environment is not the full solution, so issues may occur. The 5MS Program has a testing process in place to identify, prioritise and release fixes. Performance issues may occur, as the environment is not the same size as production or Pre-Prod.

  • What capabilities are available?

    Please see the schedule provided on the 5MS Staging Environment webpage. There is a chronological view for the whole 5MS Staging Environment, as well as a view via specific NEM functions (e.g. Metering, Bidding & Dispatch, Settlements). The Functionality Deployment Matrix provides a more detailed list of the capabilities. 

  • Is batch running?

    Yes, some batches will be running. Details will be outlined in the release notes.

  • How do participants access FTPs or APIs?

    Please raise a ticket via AEMO Support Hub.  

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