Wholesale Demand Response - Annual Reports

Under NER clause 3.10.6 (a), within six months after the end of each calendar year, AEMO is required to publish an annual report including the following information on DRSP-led wholesale demand response (without disclosing any confidential information):

  • the number of registered DRSPs 
  • the number and capacity of loads classified as wholesale demand response units 
  • the amount of demand response dispatched in the wholesale market under the wholesale demand response mechanism, as well as the frequency of dispatch 
  • analysis of the spot price levels at which wholesale demand response was dispatched 
  • analysis of the impact of wholesale demand response on the procurement and use of market ancillary services 
  • relevant trends, including year-on-year changes over time 


If you have any questions regarding the annual report or any other aspects of WDR, please contact AEMO on wdrops@aemo.com.au.

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