WDR - Key Documents and Links

Please see the relevant key documents and links for the wholesale demand response mechanism. 

Wholesale Demand Response Guidelines

These Guidelines are made under NER 3.10.1, and outline key aspects of the mechanism’s function.

Baselines Eligibility Compliance and Metrics Policy 

This policy document outlines the methodology by which the AEMO determines baseline eligibility and compliance under the wholesale demand response mechanism,  and sets out the thresholds for baseline methodology metrics.

New Baseline Methodology Proposal – Required Information

This document outlines the information to be provided to AEMO in an application by a Market Participant proposing a new baseline methodology for WDRM.

WDRM – Exclusion days

This document provides additional clarity around the use of eligibility and compliance exclusion days under WDRM.

Post-Event Dispatch Conformance Policy

This document describes the dispatch conformance process and approach. Dispatch conformance is the ability of a unit to respond to a dispatch instruction within a tolerable time and accuracy. Under the NER, AEMO must assess WDRU conformance with dispatch instructions and identify non-conformance.

Baseline Methodology Register

The Baseline Methodology Register outlines the key baseline settings for each baseline methodology available under the wholesale demand response mechanism.

AEMC - Wholesale demand response mechanism – Rule Change Documents

If you have any questions regarding the above documents or any other aspects of WDRM, please contact AEMO on wdrops@aemo.com.au.

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