WDR participant testing

Industry testing is where participants test their market-interfacing business systems against updated procedures and AEMO’s upgraded market systems. 

WDR industry testing approach 

The table shows the two key documents that support WDR participant testing.

Document Content Status
WDR Industry Testing Strategy Defines the purpose, scope, approach, process, responsibilities, and high-level schedule of the industry testing phase for the WDR implementation. Supported by a detailed testing plan.
  • Final document published April 2021
WDR Industry Testing Plan Sets out the details associated with the industry testing activities such as objectives, scope, environment, defect management process, test data creation and management, tools, entry and exit criteria etc.
  • Draft document to be released for comment the WDR Consultative Group in mid-June 2021.
  • Final document due for publication late July 2021. 

WDR industry testing timing 

The WDR industry testing phase is planned for a four week period from early September to early October 2021, ahead of WDR commencement on 24 October 2021. 

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