WDR Participant toolbox

This section assists market participants in identifying the high-level activities they need to undertake to implement WDR. It also leads to the key information needed to make the relevant changes.

How has AEMO supported industry readiness?

The table below shows the main WDR readiness considerations for different participant types. 

Participant type Readiness considerations
AEMO Implement system changes/ develop new systems by regulatory dates
Process registrations/classifications
Test new systems:
·  Internal testing
·  Invitation industry testing
DRSPs Register and classify/aggregate
Develop dispatch, MSATS (B2M and potentially B2B) and settlement capability (standard for participants)
Access Portfolio Management System to classify NMIs as WDR units.
Retailers Retailers can choose whether or not to make any customised changes in their wholesale systems e.g. automated reconciliation processes
DNSPs Receive reports
Develop process for assessing/endorsing WDRU aggregations
Changes may be required to DNSP systems to take in and utilise the new DRSP role
B2B participants Changes may be required in some participants B2B systems to accommodate the new DRSP role depending on participants’ systems configurability and requirement to interact with a DRSP
MASPs If already registered as a MASP with AEMO, not required to apply to register as a DRSP. Transitional rules provide that MASPs:
·  become DRSPs on 24 October 2021
·  are able to apply to AEMO for approval to classify load as a wholesale demand response unit from June 2021

Unlike the 5MS implementation program, the WDR program has not proposed to provide additional WDR industry readiness support above "business as usual" (BAU). This is because on WDR commencement only AEMO has to provide WDR bidding, dispatch and settlement functionality. Participants can choose to participate in WDR any time from the commencement date.

Also, because there is not a mandatory 'hard start' for participants, WDR commencement does not require cross-industry coordination.
Registration/classification will occur at any time from 24 June through BAU processes and AEMO’s Support Hub is available for participants 24/7.

For ongoing WDR support, AEMO has established BAU:

  • Operational capability to support new and ongoing WDR functions e.g. baseline compliance, MRC evaluation
  • Account management function to assist on-boarding of new DRSPs
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