NEM Wholesale market system changes for WDR

The heat maps show the wholesale market systems affected by the introduction of WDR.

Portfolio Management System - NEW

The Portfolio Management System is for DRSPs to:

  • View their portfolio of WDRUs & ASLs
  • Submit new application requests for AEMO's approval such as:
    • Classify new NMIs
    • Declassify existing NMIs
    • Aggregate
    • Disaggregate
    • Update baseline methodologies and parameters
    • Request to reinstate a NMI following suspension due to non-compliance.
  • Continue application(s) from draft
  • View the status of submitted requests
  • Request to withdraw submitted requests
  • Self-assess baselines associated to a NMI or by a Portfolio
  • Identify their NMI as unavailable due to operational issues.

The Portfolio Management System is under development and its external-facing portal is expected to be operational by October 2021. AEMO will hold a workshop for participants in September 2021 on how to use the portal. 

Note that initial registration, classification and aggregation will be by application to AEMO's registration team from late June 2021. However once registered, the new Portfolio Management System will allow DRSPs to manage their portfolio and submit new classification and aggregation requests.

WDR updates to EMMS Data Model script

The Electricity Data Model is the definition of the interface to participants for NEM wholesale data published by AEMO. A database conforming to the Electricity Data Model can contain a local copy of all current participant-specific data recorded in the main NEM database. 

The EMMS Data Model script will be updated for WDR and released with supporting guides in August 2021 ahead of the WDR industry testing period.

Detailed information on the packages, tables and reports in the Electricity Data Model are set out in supporting guides.

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