Wholesale Electricity Market: Power Systems and Energy Markets

Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) courses are now offered in either virtual or in-person settings. Courses in Perth will be held in-person at AEMO's offices, and remain subject to any local physical distancing restrictions and/or gathering limits.

The course provides an in-depth introduction to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS) and Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) in Western Australia (WA), focusing on energy dispatch, ancillary services and the mechanisms used to set the wholesale electricity price and settle the market. Attendees are expected to have a prior knowledge of the WEM or have participated in the WEM Introduction course.

Course content

  • The basics of the following market mechanisms in the WEM:
    • The balancing market.
    • The Load Following Ancillary Services (LFAS) market.
    • Bilateral submissions.
    • The Short Term Energy Market (STEM).
  • An overview of management of the Power System in the WEM including:
    • The inter-relationship between the physical and financial aspects of the WEM.S
    • How the balancing market determines dispatch of generation in the SWIS.
    • An overview of the process leading up to the real time dispatch of generation.
    • An overview of Ancillary Services and how they are managed. 
  • An overview of settlement and pricing outcomes in the WEM including:
    • How prices are determined in the STEM, balancing market, and LFAS Market, and how they are applied in settlements.
    • How out of merit generation is determined and compensated.
    • he basics of how a participant’s prudential requirements are determined and monitored.
    • An outline of STEM and Non-STEM settlement processes. 

Learning outcomes

Attendees will gain an in-depth introduction to the SWIS and WEM in WA, focusing on the processes leading up to real time dispatch, along with the mechanism used to set the wholesale electricity price, procure the required Ancillary Services and settle the markets.

Course dates

There are currently no further sessions of the WEM Introduction, Reserve Capacity Mechanism or WEM: Power Systems & Energy Markets scheduled for 2023. AEMO is in the process of developing training material for the new market as part of the WEM Reform program. Stakeholders will be advised when courses have been scheduled.
AEMO may consider running WEM Introduction courses as required if demand permits. To register your interest please email wa@aemo.com.au.
  • The course is free to WEM participants.
  • Non-WEM participants: $150 (plus GST) per person.
How to enrol:
  • Visit the AEMO Learning Academy
  • Click on the catalogue button to view courses
  • Add the education course to the Cart
  • Create an individual log in

You will also be able to access the AEMO e-learning and education catalogues.

For more information, please contact energyeducation@aemo.com.au

For bulk enrolments (10 attendees or more), please contact wa@aemo.com.au.

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