Grilling in the name

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With recent high temperatures and several weeks of summer to go, chances are you’ll find yourself near (or operating) a gas grill at some point soon. But are you doing all the right safety checks in advance?

We all love a weekend barbeque, it’s part of the Australian way of life and one of the highlights of these summer days, but many people are not taking adequate steps to ensure proper safety when using a gas grill.

According to Energy Safe Victoria, there were in excess of 100 dangerous barbeque fires involving LP Gas cylinders in Victoria last summer – which is more than one fire for every day of summer. Some of those barbeque fires even turned into house fires, resulting in serious burns and the loss and damage of family homes.

As with all things safety related, prevention is key. Storing the gas cylinder for your barbeque is of paramount importance. Remember to close the valves on LP Gas cylinders whenever they are not in use, particularly when they are being transported.

We’ve laid out some gas barbeque tips, courtesy of our friends at Energy Safe Victoria, to keep you and your loved ones safe all summer long. Follow these simple steps every time you use your barbeque:

  • Inspect the hose for signs of perishing or cracking – if the hose is cracked or perished, don’t use the BBQ until the hose has been replaced.
  • Use a squeezy bottle filled with soapy water to check the connection for gas leaks (use dishwashing liquid and water). Squirt the connection with the suds from the soapy water solution.
    • Bubbles will form if gas is escaping
    • Leak-test the connection to the cylinder every time you connect it or change cylinders
    • Serious leaks are common and can be very dangerous
    • Check and leak test the connection every time you barbecue
    • If no bubbles appear, you’re safe to cook


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