Podcast: How the energy transition is revolutionising the way we work

10 min

It’s no secret that the rapid technological developments of the last few decades have drastically transformed the way we operate, communicate, and even think. And it is no different to the trends we are seeing within the energy sector.

Australia is speeding ahead with the widespread adoption of photovoltaic (PV) panels, with the broader community becoming more engaged with their energy use. This is set to only get stronger and, as the nation’s system and market operator, we are keen to stay a step ahead of the transition.  

Without getting ahead of ourselves and drafting the script of the next Black Mirror episode, this unprecedented transformation in the energy industry brings with it a range of new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. 

This week, we’ve invited AEMO’s Chief Operations Officer Damien Sanford and Group Manager of Organisation Development and Capability Amalia Chilianis, to talk us through how transformation in the energy sector is making organisations think about, and evolve, the way they operate.  

Tune in to the podcast below for more. 

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*As the system and market operator, we are fuel and technology neutral. The products, services and providers in this content are for illustrative purposes only and are not endorsed by AEMO.

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