Podcast: Talking technology with AEMO’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Joe Locandro

15 min

Do you know what The Matrix films and AEMO have in common? Two words: Joe Locandro.

Fronting AEMO’s talented Technology team since March 2018, Energy Live sits down with AEMO’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Joe Locandro, to talk about his globe-trotting career and the exciting new technologies changing Australia’s energy industry.

With over twenty years of experience in the airline, entertainment and utility industry, Joe offers some fascinating views in an 18-minute chat that is sure to change the way you think about technology’s role in our energy landscape.

Covering questions from how technology has changed international industries, to how it can change your daily energy management, we ask Joe about all the exciting doors innovation in technology is opening for energy consumers, and his crystal ball prediction for 2030….

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Happy listening!

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