Video: The future has arrived – smart technology for today’s homes

4 min

When Back to the Future II premiered in 1989, it promised a future where we’d be using video chat systems, playing hands-free video games and programming lights to switch on when we arrived home.

Thanks to the Internet of Things – the interconnection of devices like mobile phones, wearable devices and other machines – most of this has become a reality and helping make everyday life more convenient and efficient.

While we may not be travelling on hoverboards or wearing self-tying shoes just yet, paying for items with a fingerprint scan or making a call on your watch are very real and no longer limited to the life of Marty McFly.

So what does this mean for our energy future?

AEMO’s recent modelling shows that although Australian households are using more electric appliances and devices than ever, our energy consumption is forecast to remain relatively flat for the next 20 years. This is because buildings, appliances and devices are becoming more efficient and reducing grid demand by approximately 3-6% on average. The increasing energy efficiency of our appliances and devices is expected to offset not just the increasing use of appliances, but also population growth.

In a previous episode of our Energy 101 podcast series, we talked about some of the smart technologies already available to the everyday consumer.

We’ve put together a video featuring smart technologist Jonathan Krywicki who will take you through some of the other smart products you could use to make your home smarter*.

We are still holding out hope for the hoverboard. Happy viewing!

*As the system and market operator, we are fuel and technology neutral, which means we do not show bias towards any energy fuel or technology in performing our responsibilities. Accordingly, the products used in this video are merely suggestions and not product endorsements.
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