AEMO working with industry to secure gas supply

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Earlier this week AEMO notified the gas industry of a potential risk to gas supply in parts of the east coast due to the rapid decline in Iona underground gas storage inventory.

Under AEMO’s new East Coast Gas System functions, AEMO is required to notify industry participants when a gas supply risk or threat is identified.

The reduction in gas storage levels is the result of disruptions to Longford production, and high gas generation demand and as a result of unusually low wind generation and cold weather.

Notifying the gas industry about the storage levels this week and the actions that AEMO is seeking in response to this issue is a part of prudent system management.

It is an important mechanism in the management of gas supply risks and how AEMO keeps the market fully informed.

AEMO produces the Gas Statement of Opportunity (GSOO), Victorian Gas Planning Report (VGPR) and the AEMO Gas Winter Outlook which enable industry participants to plan to meet future demand and the needs of their customers.

AEMO will continue to work with governments and industry to manage gas supply.

To learn more about gas, see our Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) for real time gas flow information.


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