Corporate plan

AEMO’s corporate plan outlines the opportunities, challenges and risks the energy sector is facing, and lays out our plans to address them.

To achieve our vision ‘to be a world-leading energy market and system operator and system planner’, AEMO has six strategic pillars with clear goals, initiatives and targeted outcomes that all of our people play a vital role in achieving. Our first four pillars capture our core responsibilities to plan and operate Australia’s energy systems and AEMO’s markets for the benefit of all Australian consumers.

  1. Reliable, secure and efficient system operations
  2. Future system design
  3. Adaptive markets and regulations
  4. Consumer engagement and access

The final two pillars represent the technologies and capabilities AEMO requires to deliver our responsibilities now and into the future

  1. Digital and data
  2. People, culture and capabilities

Our strategic approach embodied in these six pillars is enabled through the organisational foundations of transparency and effective stakeholder engagement, financial and corporate sustainability and good governance.

Please follow the links to access our Corporate Plan and a summarised version.

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