Gas systems guides

This page provides guides and information about aspects of AEMO’s gas market systems, including user access information, APIs, Data Interchange, Gas Data Model and the FRC Hub.

Guide to AEMO information systems

The Guide to Information Systems provides an overview of AEMO's market systems used by participants. It is relevant to IT decision-making during the registration process and provides an understanding of the IT systems requiring set-up.

DWGM, STTM and retail gas (excluding WA) systems

The following documents are prerequisites for obtaining access to AEMO’s gas market systems.

User access

Use the Gas System User Access Request form below to apply for DWGM, STTM and Retail Gas (excluding WA) systems access for new participant users or to modify existing participant users. 

For removal of access contact AEMO Information and Support Hub on 1300 236 600 or email

Please note: This PDF form will soon be replaced by an online form accessible from the new Participant Services Portal

If you are an existing DWGM, STTM and/or Retail Gas (excluding WA) market participant, you will be contacted by AEMO to register for access to the Participant Services Portal and begin using the new online form to apply for DWGM, STTM and Retail Gas (excluding WA) systems access for new participant users or to modify existing participant users.

After AEMO has contacted you and provided you a link to register for access to the portal, refer to the following two guides for assistance.

Self-service password management

The following document provides a guide to AEMO’s self-service password management system for participants.


This guide provides details about using AEMO’S e-Hub as an interface to communicate information with AEMO. It assists wholesale electricity and gas participants in developing their own APIs.

Data Interchange (DI)

Data Interchange is a set of cooperating applications to replicate data between AEMO’s Wholesale Market Systems and a participant’s RDBMS conforming to the Electricity and/or Gas Data Models.

Below are all the components necessary for a new installation of Data Interchange, bundled together into compressed files. Each bundle is for a specific RDBMS and the latest release of the Electricity and Gas Data Models.

Registered participants can also find Data Interchange software and guides on the Participant File Share, and on the Data Subscription section of the EMMS Markets Portal.

Data Interchange software

For Oracle 18c, please use 19c bundle.

Participant Data Replication Monitor

The Participant Data Replication Monitor (pdrMonitor) software is a component of Data Interchange, providing participants with visualisation of the status of their Data Interchange systems.

The software is for registered participants who are using the Data Interchange software to replicate data between their systems and AEMO’s. Participants install, configure and use the pdrMonitor on their local computers.

Gas Data Model

The Gas Data Model is the definition of the interface to participants of data published by AEMO from wholesale gas market systems. A database conforming to the Gas Data Model can contain a local copy of all current participant-specific data recorded in AEMO’s gas market system databases.

The following documentation is for the Oracle physical model of the Gas Data Model.

Full Retail Contestability (FRC) Hub

The FRC Hub is a communication infrastructure operated by AEMO. It provides a gateway through which AEMO and the retailers and distributors that participate in Queensland, Victorian, South Australian, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and, under contract, Western Australian retail markets can deliver and receive structured business-to-business messages utilising defined protocols and formats.

These messages cover various transactions, such as account creation, customer transfer notification, and meter data information.

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