Participant IT interfaces

AEMO has numerous systems with multiple interfaces to provide for the needs of all participants. Access to some systems depends on a participant’s registration category.

Systems are available to participants in accordance with the NEM rules and procedures. Access is 24/7, except for notified periods of system maintenance and unplanned outages. AEMO constantly monitors its information systems to ensure performance standards are met.

There are pre-production and production environments, each separately maintained. New features are added to pre-production first, and announced in change notices and technical specifications. The pre-production environments are intended for participant testing and training purposes.

The interfaces include: file upload (HTTPS), web portals (HTTPS), file server (FTP), web services (HTTPS), and AEMO's website (HTTP).


This guide provides details about using AEMO’S e-Hub as an interface to communicate information with AEMO. It assists wholesale electricity and gas participants developing their own APIs. 

CSV Data Format

Describes the generic csv (comma-separated-variables) data format standard used in numerous interfaces in AEMO's energy market systems, including csv payloads. Its primary function is to provide sufficient information to allow participants to understand the csv data format used for exchanging data with AEMO.

Web Services

Web services is an additional option to the web portals and file interfaces for system-to-system interaction with AEMO's systems. There are web services for both the retail and wholesale systems.

The .CHM file below is a searchable guide to AEMO's web services. To use the CHM file:

  1. Download and save it to a local Windows drive (it cannot be viewed on a network drive.)
  2. Right-click the filename and then click Unblock to remove the security settings.
  3. Double-click the filename to open it.
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