NEM Dispatch Engine (NEMDE)

AEMO provides electronic access to the production version of the National Electricity Market Dispatch Engine (NEMDE) on a fee-for-service basis.

The NEMDE Queue service allows registered participants to edit and submit a NEMDE input file and receive the corresponding output file. Full details are set out in the User guide for the Service below, together with the relevant file descriptions.

To make effective use of the NEMDE Queue Service requires:

  • Detailed knowledge of the dispatch processes for NEM.
  • Access to the NEMDE formulation documentation (distribution is limited by copyright owner, not AEMO).
  • Experience in reading and manipulating XML files.

The service is only available to participants who are registered in accordance with the National Electricity Rules and have completed the NEMDE Solver Service Agreement below. The fees payable under the Agreement are:-

NEMDE Queue Application/Annual Fee: 15,000 + GST
$/hour of support (for setting up and IT operation). AEMO cannot supply consulting advice.

NEMDE Queue Support Fee: 250 + GST
$/hour of support

The application fee will be invoiced for payment, and must be received before access is provided to the service.

To apply for the NEMDE Queue service, two copies of the Agreement should be completed and forwarded to:

Support Hub
Level 2
20 Bond Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Email enquiries may also be directed to the Support Hub.

Note: The NEMDE Queue Spreadsheets are a sample of a viewer for the NEMDE queue files. The NEMDE Spreadsheet Viewer Release Notes has hints for use, plus historical changes.

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