Policies and procedures

A number of specific legislative instruments, such as the National Gas Rules and Short Term Trading Market (STTM) Procedures, are required for the operation of the STTM.

STTM procedures

This is the current version of the STTM Procedures.

STTM Interface Protocol

The STTM Interface Protocol (SIP) governs the provision of communications in the STTM.

STTM SIP Corrigenda

This Corrigenda describes any errors and the corrections to the STTM Interface Protocol (SIP) or its artefacts until AEMO makes the required amendments to the SIP or its artefacts through formal consultation.

Following the SIP consultation in December 2016 and the publication of version 10, a number of minor errors were identified in, or discrepancies between, the artefact documents that make up the STTM Interface Protocol which are described in STTM Interface Corrigenda Issue #6.

The artefacts will be amended in the next gas market systems release.

STTM Interface Protocol artefacts

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