Contingency gas

Notification of a Contingency Gas Trigger Event

If an STTM Facility Operator, STTM Distributor or STTM Trading Participant want to notify AEMO of a Contingency Gas Trigger Event, as defined by Rule 440(1), please call the contingency gas phone on 03 9609 8208.

The contingency gas phone is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

STTM Contingency Gas Facility Registration Form

Participants must complete the following form if they would like to register a facility (and associated bids/offer steps) for the purposes of confirming individual price steps when confirming contingency gas. Please send the completed facility registration form to Please allow 3 business day for the registration process.

The registration process must be completed before a CG event to enable confirmation of individual price steps for that event.

STTM Contingency Gas Facility Registration Form
19 November 2015 | (237 KB, doc)

Confirmation of Contingency Gas Bids/Offers 

As of 23 March 2017, the confirmation of Contingency Gas Bids and Offers occurs in STTM Web Exchanger during a Contingency Gas event. Please refer to the STTM Web Exchanger User Guide for further information.  

Contingency Gas Events

The Contingency Gas trigger notice, and Contingency Gas Determination required under rule 441(1)(c) and 444 respectively for each Contingency Gas event can be found via the following link:

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