Scheduled Lite

Scheduled Lite is a voluntary mechanism that aims to lower barriers and provide incentives for unscheduled load and generation to provide scheduling information and participate in the NEM’s scheduling processes. Through participation in Scheduled Lite, there is an opportunity for distributed energy resources (DER) and flexible demand to make valuable contributions to the secure and reliable operation of the power system. While a key focus of the mechanism is to better integrate DER into the NEM scheduling processes, the mechanism will also be applicable to large users and small generators.

Scheduled Lite is an initiative within the DER Implementation Plan and is one of several initiatives that aim to create value for customers through the integration of DER and flexible demand within the wholesale market. The reforms outlined in the DER Implementation Plan address a range of technical, regulatory and market issues over a three-year period.

AEMO was tasked by the Energy Security Board (ESB) in September 2021 with the preparation of a high-level design for a Scheduled Lite mechanism for the NEM. AEMO is consulting with stakeholders on a draft high-level design to facilitate feedback on the proposed mechanism, identify any challenges associated with participation within the mechanism and to inform a rule change request.

AEMO welcomes stakeholder feedback on the draft high-level design for a Scheduled Lite mechanism. Feedback can be provided by email to by Tuesday 14 July.

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