Emerging Generation and Energy Storage – Grid Scale

The Emerging Generation and Energy Storage (EGES) work identified improvements to the regulatory arrangements for registration and participation of grid-scale resources in the National Electricity Market (NEM). This work identified the challenges and opportunities facing proponents of new grid-scale generation and load business models, including improving the NEM’s arrangements to facilitate better integration of grid-scale energy storage systems (ESS) and ‘hybrid’ models.

AEMO considers this work a priority because we anticipate continued growth in the connection and registration of ESS energy storage technologies to support variable or renewable generation and, more broadly, the national grid.

As a part of this work, AEMO has submitted the following rule change proposals to the AEMC:

Information on the EGES Stakeholder Paper, stakeholder sessions and feedback and stakeholder submissions on the key topics in this paper is below.

For more information about the Emerging Generation and Energy Storage – Grid Scale initiative, please contact eges@aemo.com.au.

Key Documents

August 2019 Rule change proposal – Integrating Energy Storage Systems (ESS) into the NEM (0.97 MB, pdf) 
January 2019
Rule Change Proposal – Providing NEM Information to project developers - CLOSED 
December 2018
Stakeholder submissions to the EGES Stakeholder Paper
November 2018
Stakeholder Paper (1.13 MB, pdf)
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