Strategic priorities and projects

Our next 10 years must see AEMO and energy industry participants continuously assess how to maintain affordability and provide value to consumers in a rapidly changing energy environment.

Our FY2021 Corporate Plan emphasises leadership and proactive changes through six strategic pillars. The six pillars build on our core operational strengths, guide the effective adaptation of physical systems and markets, and facilitate meaningful consumer choice and the provision of comprehensive data and digital tools for complex decision making.

These pillars are underpinned by an organisation with deep and diverse technical expertise that values flexibility, learning, collaboration, and innovation, delivering benefits for consumers, system participants and stakeholders.

1. Reliable and secure systems operations

Maintain high-reliability operation of energy systems while adapting to anticipated changes in generation, and improve our forecasting services.


  • Frequency management: Portfolio of projects in Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS), primary frequency management and inertia.
  • Voltage management: Distributed Energy Resources (DER) performance standards, behaviour models and installation data register.
  • System strength management: Network-wide models and operational limits, new tools.
  • Forecasting: ‘Digital twin’, machine learning, reliability forecasting.

2. Future system design

Facilitate among stakeholders an orderly transition to a fit-for-purpose future system.


  • Develop Integrated System Plan (ISP) and WA Whole-of-System Plan (WoSP).
  • Implement ISP major projects.
  • Orchestrate distributed/variable renewable energy generators.
  • Enhance system resilience.
  • Integrate planning across electricity, gas and transport.

3. Adaptive markets and regulations

Implement new approved market requirements; adapt rules and markets to emerging needs within current regulatory framework; and influence overarching reform of regulatory processes to support rapid innovation.


  • Implement 5-minute settlements (5MS) and Global Settlements.
  • Work with the Energy Security Board (ESB) and the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) to evolve rules and market designs.
  • Contribute expertise and leadership to regulatory reform process.
  • Trial and enable markets to manage and optimise consumer DER.

4. Consumer engagement and access

Empower individuals to exercise choice in the energy market, improving access to data and decision tools, and reducing friction in sharing data and implementing decisions.


  • Improve public data on choices and outcomes, facilitate energy plan comparisons.
  • Upgrade digital platform.
  • Influence regulatory changes to reduce switching times.
  • Update DER standard and engage in trials of DER markets.

5. Digital and data

Deliver a modern digital platform that will unlock new value for consumers, improve data access, choice and user experience, and enable flexibility and new services.


  • Provide a frictionless, secure and scalable digital experience for stakeholders.
  • Deliver a single-source-of-truth for data integrity.
  • Enable new services with rapid, low cost integration to others via APIs.
  • Ensure security-by-design underpins thorough cyber security defences.

6. People, culture and capabilities

Build on our key assets – our organisational knowledge and our people – by broadening our technical skills and evolving our culture to favour innovation and collaboration, enabling our people to deliver on our strategic pillars, and keeping AEMO a sought-after environment where our diverse, talented people can thrive.


  • Implement revised training, leadership, ways of working and recognition programs.
  • Develop programs to ensure diversity and inclusion across AEMO’s individual and management structures and equal-pay initiatives.
  • Develop secondment programs with key partners and industry participants.
  • In coordination with Monash University, implement Zema Scholarship program for the development of skills that support modern energy systems.
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