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  • Price and Demand
  • Cumulative Price
  • Fuel Mix
  • Renewable Penetration
  • Average Price
  • 7-Day Outlook

The chart shows real-time data (5-minute) for each region including current Dispatch price, Scheduled Demand, Scheduled Generation, Semi-scheduled generation and flows (and limits) across each interconnector connected to the region. Hover (mouse over) the bars to see the units.

NB: The sources of generation including wind and solar for each State can be viewed on the fuel mix tab.

For interconnector values, negative and positive signs indicate the direction of flow. Positive values indicate flows north or west e.g. TAS to VIC, VIC to NSW, NSW to QLD, VIC to SA. Negative values indicate flows in the reverse direction. 

Import and export limits are the limits up to which power can flow on the interconnectors in either direction. Export limits refer to the maximum permissible flow north or west and import limits refer to the maximum permissible flow south or east. 

The colour of the interconnector circles and arrows on the chart is usually grey. When the flow of energy on an interconnector reaches either its current import or export limit the circles and arrows will turn orange

Data source

Source of data (MMS tables and fields): DispatchPrice.RRP (Dispatch price), DispatchRegionSum.ClearedSupply (Scheduled Demand), Semi-scheduled generation (DispatchRegionSum.Semischedule_ClearedMW), DispatchRegionSum.DispatchableGeneration - DispatchRegionSum.Semischedule_ClearedMW (Scheduled Generation), Interconnector Flows and limits (DispatchInterconnectorres.MWFlow, DispatchInterconnectorres.ExportLimit, DispatchInterconnectorres.ImportLimit).


Select the options you wish to view at the top of the chart. You can switch between states, chart or table view, and Dispatch or Pre-Dispatch options.

  • Pre-DispatchThis data contains a mix of 5 minute and 30 minute data intervals and shows:
    • Demand data - current and historical demand (5 min) and Forecast Scheduled Demand (Scheduled Demand Pre-dispatch 30 min). Last 24 hours.
    • Pricing data - current and historical spot price (5 min) and Forecast Spot price (Forecast price Pre-dispatch 30 min). Next 48 hours.


  • Dispatch – This data is updated at 5 minute intervals and shows:
    • Demand data - current and historical demand (5 min)
    • Pricing data - current and historical spot price (5 min)
    • Last 48 hours

The spot prices displayed are time-weighted.

Data source

Source of data (MMS tables and fields): TradingPrice.RRP (Spot price 5 min), PreDispatchPrice.RRP (Forecast Spot price), DispatchRegionSum.ClearedSupply (Scheduled Demand 5 min), PredispatchRegionSum.ClearedSupply (Scheduled Demand Pre-dispatch).

Important Notice


The purpose of this publication is to provide greater transparency on recent and projected trends of the cumulative price.

This publication is generally based on information available to AEMO in each spot time interval and pre-dispatch refresh, unless otherwise indicated.


AEMO has made reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of the information in this publication but cannot guarantee that information, forecasts and assumptions are accurate, complete or appropriate for your circumstances.

The preparation of this publication inherently requires assumptions about future behaviours and market interactions, which may result in forecasts that deviate from future conditions. There will usually be differences between estimated and actual results, because events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected, and those differences may be material.

This publication does not include all of the information that an investor, participant or potential participant in the National Electricity Market might require, and does not amount to a recommendation of any investment.

Anyone proposing to use the information in this publication (which includes information and forecasts from third parties) should independently verify its accuracy, completeness and suitability for purpose, and obtain independent and specific advice from appropriate experts.

Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, AEMO and its officers, employees and consultants involved in the preparation of this publication:

  • make no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the currency, accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information in this publication; and
  • are not liable (whether by reason of negligence or otherwise) for any statements, opinions, information or other matters contained in or derived from this publication, or any omissions from it, or in respect of a person’s use of the information in this publication.


Select the options you wish to view at the top of the chart. You can switch between states and a NEM view, and chart or table options.

  • States view shows:
    • The current trading intervals and approximately one week's of historical cumulative prices.
    • Forecast cumulative prices available within the pre-dispatch time horizon.
    • The status of the Cumulative Price Threshold, i.e. whether the threshold has been exceeded or not exceeded in the current trading interval.
    • colour coded area chart, where the colour is solely determined by the relative position of the current cumulative price (of the current interval) compared to the cumulative price threshold (CPT), i.e. if the current cumulative price is less than 75% of the CPT, then the whole area chart will be green, if it’s greater than or equal to 75% but smaller than 100%, it will be yellow, if it’s greater than or equal to 100%, it will be dark orange.
    • A quick indicator of whether the current cumulative price has exceeded or not exceeded the CPT.
  • NEM view shows:
    • The current cumulative price expressed in dollars across all five regions.
    • Five battery charts that correspond with the five NEM regions, with the same colour coding logic as applicable in the states view.


  • Historical, current and forecast cumulative prices all have a 5-minute granularity.
  • At any time there are 2016 trading intervals (approximately one week) of current and historical cumulative prices displayed.
  • Forecast cumulative prices in the pre-dispatch time horizon have a 5-minute granularity. This is achieved by multiplying the 30 minutes granularity pre-dispatch spot price by 6 and subtracting 6 occurrences of historical spot prices from the beginning of the calculation time window.

Select the options you wish to view below - you can switch between individual States or the National Electricity Market (NEM) as a whole, and between current, 24 hour, 48 hour, 3 monthly or annual data.

How to read:

  • The fuel mix visualisation shows the breakdown of energy sources in the NEM over different periods
  • There are five options for periods: instantaneous data shown in the Current view and data aggregated over time in 24/48 hrs, 3/12 months
  • Current view:
    • The Current view shows the source of energy for the current 5 min dispatch interval and selected region. This figure is instantaneous and measured in MWs. The generation is aggregated by fuel source and shown as both absolute and proportional to the regional total
  • Other times periods:
    • For the 24 and 48 hr, 3 and 12 months views, energy is aggregated over the full-period in the Mix Summary chart and hourly (24 and 48 hr), daily (3 months) or weekly (12 months) in the Mix by Time chart.
    • Moving your cursor over the stacked area Mix by Time chart shows aggregated energy generation for the period hovered over. The time period is shown in the black text box e.g. 13:00 – 14:00 21 Oct. Energy is aggregated over that period for the fuel sources below the area chart

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What types of generation are included in the fuel mix? Is non-scheduled generation included?
A: Generation data includes all units AEMO captures SCADA data for, including scheduled, semi-scheduled and non-scheduled units.

Q: Does this include rooftop solar PV generation?
A: Rooftop solar PV is not currently included in the fuel mix visualisation.

Q: Where can I source data for longer than 12 months ago? Where can I find more detailed data?
A: For detailed, disaggregated and comprehensive data needs, please visit NEMWEB.

Q: Why is the current view data show in MWs and the time periods in MWhs?
A: The Current view is showing the instantaneous generation for the current 5-minute dispatch interval. Data for the 24 hr, 48 hr, 3 month and 12-month options is aggregated, please see the 'How to read' section above.

Renewable Penetration

Renewable Penetration refers to how much of the total energy generation is made up of renewable energy

Instantaneous renewable penetration is calculated using the NEM renewable generation share of total generation The measure is calculated on a half-hourly basis as this is the granularity of estimated output data for distributed PV. Renewable generation includes utility-scale wind and solar, hydro generation, biomass, battery generation and distributed PV, and excludes battery load and hydro pumping. Total generation = NEM generation + estimated distributed PV generation.


The Average Price table shows average prices for each day in the current month. RRP refers to the average spot price ($/MWh) per region for each day, and PEAK RRP refers to the average peak price from 7:00am to 10:00pm EST (weekdays excluding NEM Holidays). Please note that under the historical data the annual year refers to the financial year, not calendar year.

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