Guide to Generator Exemption and Classification of Generating Units Consultation

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
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Matters under consultation

AEMO has consulted  with industry on proposed changes to the Guide to Generator Exemption and Classification of Generating Units in accordance with the National Electricity Rules (NER), under the National Electricity Amendment Integrating energy storage systems into the NEM (National Electricity Markets) Rule 2021 No. 13 Integrating Energy Storage Systems Rule (IESS Rule).

The final document (new title) “Guide to Registration Exemptions and Production Unit Classifications” will be uploaded onto the AEMO registrations web page when the Effective Date 3 June 2024 commences for use by industry.

In summary, the additional changes focus on:

  • The classification of hybrid systems and coupled production units under the IESS Rule.
  • AEMO’s terms and conditions for classifying IRS under the updated framework, particularly DC-coupled systems.
  • Determining nameplate rating for Production Units when specified by the manufacture in MVA and not in MW.
  • Other key policy or design issues which are related to classification under the IESS Rule.


Following the AEMC Final Determination “Implementing integrated energy storage systems”, the Guide was further amended to reflect where the AEMC determined not to replace the term ‘part of a group of generating units’ with ‘part of a group of production units’. This retained the classification threshold for a group of generating units connected at a common connection point that have a combined nameplate rating of 30MW or greater. AEMO has reflected this outcome in relevant parts of sections 5.2 and 5.3 of the Guide in relation to NER clauses 2.2.2(a), 2.2.3(a) and 2.2.7(a).

Consultation process

AEMO invited stakeholders to:

  • provide feedback and comments on this Information Paper, as well as the accompanying change-marked version of the Procedure; and 

  • identify any unintended adverse consequences of the Changes.

This consultation has now closed. 

For any questions, please contact

Deliverable  Timing  Status
 Information Paper and changed-marked Guide published 2 Nov 2022 Complete 
Submissions due on Information Paper and marked up Guide 21 Dec 2022 Complete
 Draft Guide published 14 Feb 2023 Complete
 Submissions due on Draft Guide 14 Mar 2023 Complete
 Final Guide published 1 June 2023 Completed

Further information

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