Electricity sector climate information project

Alongside the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology, AEMO is collaborating on the Electricity Sector Climate Information (ESCI) project. The project is funded by the Australian Government over 3 years, from 2018-19, to improve climate and extreme weather information for the electricity sector.

The project is designed to improve the reliability and resilience of the National Electricity Market to the risks from climate change and extreme weather.

The project will tailor climate change data and information to ensure it’s usable by the people who need it, to support improved long-term climate risk planning for electricity infrastructure.

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Power Outages and Mortality Burden Study

In 2019 AEMO contracted the Bureau of Meteorology in collaboration with the University of Adelaide to undertake a study on the additional mortality that could be expected on the third day of an extreme heatwave in major Australian cities if power supply ceased. The study will help AEMO communicate and minimise the risk of these type of events.

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