Open Energy Networks Project - joint consultation with Energy Networks Australia

2018 Consultation

AEMO, in collaboration with ENA conducted a consultation on Open Energy Networks in 2018.

The original paper was launched with a webinar that had over 350 registered participants. We held four major workshops during the consultation period, with over 500 attendees from 100 different organisations, representing the entire spectrum of the energy sector.
62 submissions were received at the completion of the consultation.

These are available below*:

*Please note some organisations (AMP and Korteck) have asked for their submissions to be kept confidential.

Combined Submission response and General Outcomes

Attached below is a document that summarises the submissions received to the Open Energy Networks consultation paper.  This includes the issues raised in the submissions and the joint AEMO/ENA Open Energy project response to these issues. 

Next Steps

AEMO and Energy Networks Australia subsequently ran a series of Functional Specification Workshops in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  The workshops developed a detailed Actor -Agent model.  A similar approach to that undertaken recently in the UK was used and more information about this can be obtained in the following report:

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