Why a career at AEMO?

AEMO is the independent market and energy system operator, playing a critical role in shaping a better energy future for all Australians. Combining engineering and technology with data, analytics, and security, our work is at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly changing energy sector.

Is it time to hit the switch on your career?

AEMO is a knowledge-based organisation. We take pride in cultivating the best and brightest minds in our sector and are champions of workplace diversity and inclusion.

Our people are driven to find solutions to the energy sector’s toughest challenges, such as the Integrated System Plan (ISP) which is a whole-of-system plan that provides an integrated roadmap for the efficient development of the National Electricity Market (NEM) over the next 20 years and beyond. Or maintaining affordability and providing value to consumers in a constantly changing environment.

So, hit the switch on your career!

What we do

AEMO has a central role in harnessing the power of collaboration among industry and other stakeholders to engineer a net-zero energy system. We do this by operating the electricity and gas system and markets around the clock and curating and sharing the information we collect through these operations, including the unique views and insights from our control rooms. Our data gathering and consultation with stakeholders helps inform our forecasting and analysis, which in turn inform our major reports, such as the Integrated System Plan, electricity and gas Statement of Opportunities, Engineering Framework and Quarterly Energy Dynamics.

The rate of change in the energy system is such that AEMO’s goal is to be able to operate grids capable of managing 100% instantaneous penetration of renewable generation by 2025. This is the year by which our modelling indicates bursts of wind and solar energy will, momentarily, entirely supply demand from the grid.

A combination of technical innovation, economics, government policies and consumer choice is driving this energy transition faster than it ever has before.

We take pride in cultivating the best and brightest minds in our industry and are champions of workplace diversity, inclusion and flexibility.

What our employees say about AEMO

Transform your career

“The opportunities we’re seeing around newer technologies like batteries and renewables, while maintaining Australia’s security and reliability, is really opening up doors to new ways of thinking and managing our energy system. As we move forward, it’s exciting to know that AEMO is constantly breaking new ground.”

Leanna Tedesco, Manager for Operations Planning

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