2020 Planning and forecasting consultation on scenarios, inputs and assumptions

Market National Electricity Market
StageFirst Stage
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close07/02/2020

AEMO delivers a range of planning and forecasting publications for the National Electricity Market (NEM), including the NEM Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO) and the Integrated System Plan (ISP). AEMO has prepared a Consultation Paper to provide information and seek stakeholder submissions on inputs and assumptions for AEMO’s 2020 forecasting and planning publications, including but not limited to feedback on:

  • Changes required to key inputs and assumptions used in AEMO’s 2019 NEM planning and forecasting publications that affect AEMO’s supply and demand forecasting models,
  • CSIRO’s latest 2019-20 GenCost draft which provides an annual update to generation technology costs.
  • New gas price forecasts prepared by Core Energy, December 2019.

AEMO is committed to continually improve its forecast accuracy to better meet stakeholder needs. AEMO respects the expertise of its stakeholders and values all feedback, which is critical in guiding meaningful progress and developing a strategic vision for the future development of Australia’s energy system.

AEMO invites submissions on the inputs and assumptions to be used in Forecasting and Planning publications for 2020. AEMO’s timeline for this consultation is outlined below. Submissions should be made to forecasting.planning@aemo.com.au.

Consultation Documentation

This consultation relies on the methodologies, inputs and assumptions described in various AEMO publications. The Consultation Paper provides context regarding the relationship between the supporting materials and the AEMO forecasting approach, across various forecast components.

Consultation submissions

The following documents share stakeholder submissions during the consultation process.

Supporting materials

Materials primarily affecting consumption and peak demand:

Materials primarily supporting supply:

Forecasting methodologies and applicable guidelines:

Consultation timeline

Deliverable Indicative Date  Status 
 Consultation paper on key Forecasting inputs in 2020 published  Thursday 12 December 2019  Completed
 Joint AEMO / CSIRO Webinar: Draft CSIRO GenCost report  Friday 31 January 2020  Completed
 Stakeholder submissions due  Friday 7 February 2020  Completed
 Final inputs and assumptions report published  July 2020  

Should you have any questions about any information contained on this page, or would like to share any evidence or comments that could help us for the 2019-20 Forecasting and Planning publications, please email the team: forecasting.planning@aemo.com.au

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