COVID-19 Potential Impacts to the 2020 Reserve Capacity Cycle

Market Wholesale Electricity Market (WA)
StageFirst Stage
ConvenorAEMO WEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close23/04/2020

Issues paper consultation

AEMO is consulting with Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) stakeholders to determine potential impacts of COVID-19 on their ability to meet the remaining 2020 Reserve Capacity Cycle (related to the 2022-23 Capacity Year) Year 1 activities. 

AEMO may modify or extend a date or time for most aspects of the Reserve Capacity Mechanism (RCM) in accordance with clause 4.1.1C of the WEM Rules. AEMO's longstanding practice is to exercise that discretionary power only in exceptional circumstances. 

An issues paper detailing the matters Market Participants and AEMO need to consider can be found here: 


AEMO’s decision-making process

AEMO will assess all submissions received and determine if any of the 2020 Reserve Capacity Cycle activities will be deferred. Considerations for deferral will be made based on:

  • How Market Participants’ business activities have been impacted by State and Federal government advice and requirements on managing COVID-19.
  • The Market Participant’s ability to meet the relevant CRC application obligations as a result of COVID-19.
  • Overall impact of the deferral on the WEM.

Stakeholder consultation process

AEMO invites written submissions on the issues paper. 

AEMO’s indicative timeline for this consultation is outlined below.

Deliverable Indicative date
Issues paper published
9 April 2020
Submissions due on issues paper
23 April 2020

Submissions in response to this issues paper should be sent by email to by 5.00 pm (AWST) on 23 April 2020. 

As part of the submission, Market Participants:

  1. Must complete the checklists in the submission forms below for Scheduled Generators, Intermittent Non-Scheduled Generators, and/or Demand Side Programmes (as relevant).
  2. May provide any supporting information or evidence related to a) above.
  3. Must detail how the State or Federal Government’s advice and requirements have affected the Market Participant’s ability to meet the CRC application process deadlines and obligations.
  4. May comment on any aspects of the 2020 Reserve Capacity Cycle, including how your business may be impacted by a deferral in no more than 200 words.
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