Credit Limit Procedures Consultation SAPS

Market National Electricity Market
StageDraft Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?Yes
Submissions close04/11/2022

Regulated Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS) are electricity supply arrangements that are owned, operated or controlled by a distributor. They are used in remote communities out of reach of existing power lines and have also been built for communities that have lost access to the network because of line breaks caused by bushfires or other natural disasters. SAPS typically comprise solar panels, batteries and back-up generators, and include both microgrids and individual power systems.

SAPS are being included in the NEM under new rules published by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), and will be covered by consistent reliability standards and customer protections. The SAPS rule will have a staged implementation, beginning in August 2022.

The Credit Limit Procedures establish the methodology by which the AEMO determines the prudential settings for each market participant so that the prudential standard is met for the NEM.

AEMO is consulting on amendments to the Credit Limit Procedures in accordance with the expedited rules consultation procedure in NER 8.9.3. The focus of this consultation is proposed amendments to the Credit Limit Procedures for implementing prudential requirements for SAPS market participants.

The final Report and v7.0 of the Credit Limit Procedures are below. While this version of the Procedures will be effective from 9 December 2022, the SAPS related changes will come into effect on 30 May 2023.

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