Demand Side Participation (DSP) Forecasting Methodology and DSP Information Guidelines Consultation

Market National Electricity Market
StageSecond Stage
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?Yes
Submissions close28/11/2023

Consultation timeline

  • Consultation papers published
    1 Sep 2023
  • FRG meeting
    27 Sep 2023
  • Stage 1 consultation submissions close
    29 Sep 2023
  • Draft determination and draft reports published
    31 Oct 2023
  • Stage 2 consultation submissions close
    28 Nov 2023
  • Final determination and final reports published
    20 Dec 2023

Key contact

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Matter under consultation

AEMO is currently consulting on:

  • Demand Side Participation (DSP) Forecasting Methodology in accordance with the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) Forecasting Best Practice Guidelines consultation procedure.
  • Demand Side Participation Information (DSPI) Guidelines in accordance with the National Electricity Rules (NER) consultation process in NER clause 8.9.

The DSP Forecasting Methodology is one of many methodology documents forming part of AEMO’s Forecasting Approach, used in reliability modelling (ESOO/MT PASA) and longer-term planning documents like the Integrated System Plan (ISP). As per AEMO’s Reliability Forecasting Guidelines, such methodologies must be consulted on at least every four years.

The DSP Forecasting Methodology relies on information collected on Demand flexibility and voluntary demand reductions from registered participants through the process governed by the DSPI guideline. As result, AEMO is undertaking a concurrent consultation on DSPI Guidelines, to ensure they adequately support the DSP Forecasting Methodology.

Submissions are due to by 28 November 2023. Please note that submissions will be published, other than material identified as confidential.

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