IESS Rule terminology changes to Electricity Market Documents

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close29/09/2023

Matters under consultation

The focus of this consultation is to reflect the terminology in the seven Electricity Market and System Documents (Documents) to be made with effect from 3 June 2024 for the purposes of the National Electricity Amendment (Integrating energy storage systems into the NEM) Rule 2021 No. 13 (IESS Rule).

In summary, the Changes include the new terminology to meet the requirements of the IESS Rule.

Consultation process

AEMO considers the Changes to be minor or administrative in nature. The Changes make the Documents consistent with and aligned to the NER, as amended by the IESS Rule. The Changes which AEMO makes to an existing procedure, guideline or other document – including by inserting new NER clauses, updating existing material and providing additional clarity - will generally be considered to be minor or administrative, if those changes: 

  1. do not change the substantive rights or obligations of participants; 
  2. do not require participants to incur any costs or change their systems; 
  3. are not expected to involve material cost for AEMO; and 
  4. are straightforward and not contentious in nature. 

AEMO considers it important to request feedback on the Changes, in the interests of transparency.

This consultation is now closed and the documents finalised. Please contact for any questions.

IESS Rule Change
Inclusion of the term “bidirectional units”

IESS Rule Change
Inclusion of the term “bidirectional units” in title of Section 4.2

IESS Rule Change

  • Removal of ‘and offers’ throughout document
  • Inclusion of the words ‘scheduled bidirectional units’ and ‘energy constrained scheduled loads’
  • Changed ‘Participants’ to ‘Market Participants’
  • Update wording for publishing requirements by AEMO to be consistent with 3.7.2(f)(5).
  • Inclusion of ‘or bidirectional unit’ in Day -1 in Section 2.4 Market Information by AEMO.
  • Update wording for publishing requirements by AEMO for Day+1 in Section 2.4 Market Information

IESS Rule Change

  • Update of terminology in Section 2.1. Meaning of directions and clause 4.8.9 instructions
  • Other minor terminology changes
  • Inclusion of NER clauses 4.9.2B and 4.9.2C  to Section 5

IESS Rule Change
Inclusion of the term ‘bidirectional unit’

IESS Rule Change
Terminology changes to Sections 3 and 4.

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