Energy Conversion Model for Solar Forecasting

Market National Electricity Market
StageDiscussion Paper
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close03/05/2013

On 12 April 2013, AEMO released an Energy Conversion Model (ECM) for solar generation plants. The ECM identifies the energy output that can be expected from a solar farm based on ambient conditions at the solar farm’s location.

As part of the Registration Process, solar generators need to provide data to AEMO in order to develop forecasting modules in the Australian Solar Energy Forecasting System (ASEFS).

The ECM was released for consultation in early 2013. The consultation sought input on the parameters that solar generators will need to provide to AEMO in order to develop accurate solar generation forecasts.

AEMO published a response to the ECM consultation in June 2013. This document summarises the consultation comments received and AEMO’s response. The final version of the ECM, addressing the comments raised, is provided in the section above.

Consultation on Energy conversion model for solar forecasting
12 April 2013 | 421 kb (.pdf)
Response to ECM Consulation
07 June 2013 | 164 kb (.pdf)

Please submit your completed Energy Conversion Model to this AEMO address:

August 2017 Update - Please note, the ECM Guidelines have since been updated following a 2016 ECM Guidelines Consultation. The most recent ECM Guidelines can be located here.

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