IN003/16 Audit item: Heating Degree Day coefficients consultation

Market SA Retail
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No

This consultation proposes changes to the Gas Retail Market Procedures (SA) to replace the AEMO obligation, in Section 177 (2) to re-calculate the value for each HDD coefficient from ‘at least every 12 months’ to ‘at least every five years or following a change in the source of weather data’.

Final Decision

A copy of the amended version 9 of SA Retail Market Procedures will be available by 2 Nov 2016 here.

HDD - Impact & Implementation Report (IIR)
29 August 2016| filesize:284 KB (.pdf)
IIR Response Template for IN003/16 Heating Degree Day Co-efficients
29 August 2016| filesize:130 KB (.doc)

PPC - IN003-16 - Heating Degree Day
20 July 2016| filesize:272 KB (.pdf)
PPC Response Template for IN003-16 Heating Degree Day Co-efficients
20 July 2016| filesize:489KB (.pdf)
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