IN034/12 - Relaxation of DSA Delivery Requirements

Market NSW and ACT Retail
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close13/02/2013

PwC, as part of its role as the market auditor, undertook an audit of AEMO’s internal control procedures in relation to compliance with the Retail Market Procedures (NSW and ACT) (Procedures) for the year ending 30 June 2012. As a result of sample tests within the audit, PwC released a finding that identified an issue with the delivery of certain distribution system allocation (DSA) reports

These reports are required to be generated by the data estimation entity (AEMO/Logica) under clause 33.15(1) of the Procedures. Due to a buffer between the time specified to deliver these reports under the Procedures and when the preliminary STTM settlement is performed, there has not been any impact as a result of the late delivery of the DSA reports. As such, the current delivery of reports (although late by Procedural requirements), does not impact settlement calculations.

AEMO suggests that the specified time for the delivery of this report should be relaxed from the current four days after month end to six days after month end. The relaxation of this timing by two days would not impact settlement calculations. The DSA reports would continue to be generated under the same business rules and timings, but these outcomes would then be compliant with the proposed Procedures.

Impact and Implmentation Report (IIR) IN034/12 – Relaxation of DSA Delivery Requirements
18 Jan 2013 | 307 kb (.pdf)

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