NEM Customer Switching Consultation

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StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
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Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has concluded a consultation on the proposed amendments to the Market Settlement and Transfer Solutions (MSATS) procedures in response to the Australian Energy Market Commission's (AEMC's) final determination for the Reducing Customer Switching rule change

This consultation was conducted in accordance with the Rules consultation requirements detailed in clause 8.9 of the National Electricity Rules (NER).

AEMO conducted a minor amendment process on the Market Settlement and Transfer Solution (MSATS) Procedures Consumer Administration and Transfer Solution (CATS) Procedure Principles and Obligations version Customer Switching.

This consultation was in accordance with the Rules requirements detailed in clause 7.16.7 of the NER.


On 3rd December 2018, the AEMC in conjunction with AEMO provided joint advice (477 KB, pdf) to the COAG Energy Council Standing Committee of Officials regarding the implementation options for recommendations 8 and 9 of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC’s) Retail Electricity Pricing final report (9.21 MB, pdf)

The AEMC and AEMO advice proposed a number of actions to improve the existing customer transfer process. These proposed actions were broader than the recommendations proposed by the ACCC. The proposed actions included the provision by AEMO of a High-Level Design (HLD), and associated rule changes, for a customer transfer process that streamlines existing procedures and improves customer outcomes and competition in the National Electricity Market (NEM) retail market. 

On 24 May 2019, the AEMO submitted a rule change request (1.1 MB, pdf) (including the proposed HLD) to the AEMC to amend the NER and the National Energy Retail Rules (NERR). The rule change and proposed HLD has been submitted to the AEMC to support the delivery of reducing customer transfer times, by making procedural changes to improve customer transfer processes. 

On 4 July 2019, the AEMC commenced the Reducing Customer Switching consultation on AEMO’s rule change request.

NEM Customer Switching: Q&A Session

Across August and September 2021, AEMO is holding Q&A sessions to walk through the AEMO’s Customer Switching changes.

Next sessions: 28 September 2021.

NEM Customer Switching: Technical Specification Q&A Session

On 16 November 2020, AEMO held a Q&A session to walk through the Draft Technical Specification for AEMO’s Customer Switching changes.

NEM Customer Switching: Technical Information Session

On 28 August 2020, AEMO held an information session to walk through the Technical Requirements as well as Previous Read Date and Quality Flag methodology as part of the AEMO’s Customer Switching changes.

Indicative* Consultation Timeline

Indicative Date
Pre-Consultation Workshop
21 August 2019 Completed
First Stage:
Initial Draft Procedures, Issues Paper and Notice of Consultation
17 October 2019
Submissions close**
22 November 2019
Second Stage:
Draft Report and Notice of Consultation(indicative)
20 December 2019
Submissions close**
29 January 2020
Final Report and Determination
31 March 2020
Minor Amendment Change Paper
28 May 2020
Submissions close**
12 June 2020
Final Minor Amendment Report
3 July 2020


** Submissions provided after the closing date will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Please reach out to if you have any questions.


NEM Customer Switching: Publication of Documents with Effective Date, Version Numbers and Version Release Histories

AEMO has published the following documents with the effective date of 1 October 2021, as well as with their final version numbers and version release histories, respectively:

Minor amendment submissions

Minor amendment process documents

AEMO invites comments on the proposed changes contained within the Notice of Minor Amendment Process. Submissions should be forwarded to AEMO by 5:00pm (Melbourne time) on Friday 12 June 2020

Extension of time for final determination and procedures for Customer Switching in the NEM

Final Determination and Procedures to be published on 31 March 2020.

AEMO is extending the date for publication of the final determination and procedures for Customer Switching in the NEM from 11 March 2020 to 31 March 2020. The extension is required for AEMO to further consider and evaluate the impact of the proposed system changes to implement the final determination and procedures for Customer Switching in the NEM, on or around the same time as the implementation of system changes required for the Five-Minute Settlement Rule Change.  AEMO recognises that effective development and deployment of system changes for both the five-minute settlement and customer switching projects is critical for their successful implementation and adoption.

AEMO received feedback through submissions and in meetings with interested parties which referred to the importance of implementation timing, including:

  • Qualified support for proposed implementation timing in the Draft Report, providing that synergies with the five-minute settlement project can be realised, as proposed by AEMO; and
  • Concerns regarding the capacity and risks of implementing customer switching system changes on or around the same time as implementation of the five-minute settlement system changes.

For information contact:

Second stage consultation documents

First Stage Submissions

First Stage Consultation Documents

AEMO invites comments on the proposed changes contained within the Notice of First Stage of Consultation and Issues Paper.

Submissions should be forwarded to AEMO by 5:00pm (Melbourne time) on Friday 22 November 2019.

Note: To help stakeholders and other interested parties respond to this Issues Paper, AEMO has published a track changed version of MSATS CATS and MDFF procedures. The CATS Procedure and MDFF Specification reflect potential solutions that AEMO particularly has in mind, from among the various options on which AEMO is consulting with an open mind, as articulated in the Issues Paper.

Pre-Consultation information

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