Planning Studies 2013 Consultation

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close14/06/2013

AEMO’s national planning reports use a common set of study assumptions.

AEMO’s formal consultation, the Planning Studies 2013 Consultation, incorporates the 2013 NTNDP consultation, and a number of other AEMO proposals for 2013 planning activities. 

The formal consultation period closed on 15 March 2013. AEMO received five submissions, which are published below along with AEMO’s response.

The revised data that will be used for the 2013 Planning studies can be found on the 2013 Planning Assumptions webpage.

Response to Consultation
2013 Planning Studies: Response to Consultation
12 June 2013 | 482 KB (.pdf)
Consultation Notice and Information
Planning Consultation Notice 2013

This notice informs all interested persons that AEMO is conducting a consultation on the planning study assumptions for 2013.

30 Jan 2013 | 29 kb (.pdf)

Planning Studies 2013 - Information and Consultation Paper

This consultation paper provides information and invites feedback from stakeholders on topics of relevance to AEMO’s planning functions.

30 Jan 2013 | 92 kb (.pdf)

Modelling Data Assumptions and Inputs
2013 Planning Consultation Methodology and Input Assumptions

This document provides an overview of the assumptions employed for AEMO’s 2013 planning reports.

30 Jan 2013 | 3.8 mb (.pdf)

Existing Generation Data

This workbook contains information regarding data and assumptions used for modelling existing generation in the NEM. Information includes: Generator Technical Parameters, Fuel Costs and Ramp Rates.

30 Jan 2013 | 67 kb (.xlsx)

New Entry Generation Data

This workbook contains information regarding data and assumptions used for modelling new entry generation in the NEM. Information includes: New Technology Parameters and Fugitive Emission Factors, Connection and Capital Costs, Fuel Costs, New Entry Peak Contribution Factors, Wind Bubbles and Connection points, Shadow Generator Connection Points and New Entry Limit Assumptions.

30 Jan 2013 | 459 kb (.xlsx)

Additional Modelling Data

Contains an assortment of modelling input parameters including the following: Carbon Price Trajectories, LRET Targets, GreenPower, Hydro Inflows, Water Values, Maintenance Schedules, Outage Rates, Interconnector Capability and Interconnector Losses Proportioning Factors. DSP Information and Interconnector Augmentation options are to be added following the 2013 consultation.

30 Jan 2013 | 93 kb (.xlsx)

Existing Generation Capacities

Link to Generation Information Page.

Marginal Loss Factors

Link to Marginal Loss Factors page.

Minimum Reserve Levels

Link to Minimum Reserve Levels Page.

08 April 2013 | filename: Planning_Consultation_2013_Submission_Alinta.pdf
08 April 2013 | filename: Planning_Consultation_2013_Submission_Transgrid.pdf
08 April 2013 | filename: Planning_Consultation_2013_Submission_ElectraNet.pdf
08 April 2013 | filename: Planning_Consultation_2013_Submission_GDF_SUEZ.pdf
08 April 2013 | filename: Planning_Consultation_2013_Submission_Stanwell.pdf
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